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Who are you?

We are home cooks and self-proclaimed gastronomes living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


What is your mission?

To highlight news and opinions surrounding sustainable food in the San Francisco Bay Area and offer unique recipes revolving around a farm-to-table eating philosophy.


What do you like about contemporary food culture?


  1. The growing awareness surrounding the provenance of what we eat and an increased investment in responsible farming practices including animal welfare, sustainability, and preservation of the environment.

  2. The increasing interest of home cooks in experimentation with new ingredients and new cuisines. 

  3. The abundance of produce now available at farmers markets and products from specialty stores that were previously near impossible to find.

  4. The online culture of sharing information and news about food, recipes, and gastronomy.


How can we contact you?

Via email. Click on “Contact” at the top of our homepage.

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